Quality Policy

At Dott, we are very particular of the quality of the product that leaves our premises. To ensure this, we keep our plant clean from even the smallest possible speck of dust. Enhancing and upgrading the unit is a regular practice at our plant. Our standard operating procedure helps us avoid variances in label manufacturing.

Every department of our plant is segregated in order to foster smoothness in operations. We have a systematic schedule carried out for the training of our employees so to update them with the latest information and innovation in the industry and also prepare them to be amongst the best. Our team of professionals sees to it that every job is done with perfection through each and every process. Even the minutest detail is taken care of so we make sure that what we deliver is simply the best. Each and every raw material that we use is tested with gram-mage testers, ink lay down machines and ink-measuring device. We do this and more, so that what reaches you is nothing but the best.