About The Company

Q. What kind of facilities do you provide?

We have specialized ourselves to offer a host of facilities under a single roof. To begin with, we have a team of expert designers that has a great knowledge of the job. We also specialize ourselves to offer other advertising and marketing solutions. Our hands-on experience in printing adds another feather in our hat. Such a unique combination facilitates for a very smooth functioning of the job process and avoids any sort of obstacles that may arise.

Q. Since how long have you been in the labeling business?

We have been in force since 2002 years now, and going very strong.

Q. What is the lead time of a job?

Typically we would say 8-10 working days for a new job after the approval of artworks, receipt of payments and Purchase Order. However, we take 5-6 working days for a repeat order.

Q. What kind of label artwork files do you accept?

We prefer files in Adobe®, Illustrator ® and Corel Draw ® format that can be sent in a CD or emailed to us.

Q. In what quantity do you print labels?

There is no restriction in terms of quantity of labels to be printed. However, we have fixed our price keeping in mind the set up and waste generated.

Q. How will I receive the label proof?

We can arrange for a .pdf or .jpeg file to be mailed to you. If need be, we can also arrange for a paper approval.

Q. In what formats do you manufacture labels?

We manufacture labels in a host of formats - Roll form or Sheet form.

Q. How often do you upgrade your technology to meet global standards?

Well, almost often. We make use of state-of-the-art printing technology. This is backed by the best designing and paper-related knowledge for a superior end product for every client.

Q.  What is the Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) of your company?

Minimum Order Quantity of a job would depend on the size of the labels. Larger labels would have smaller MOQs and vice versa. We can print any number of labels however we have a fixed lot rate charges due to initial set up time and wastage.